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Bo Diddley - Road Runner


Artist: Bo Diddley
Album: 16 All Time Greatest Hits
Title: Road Runner

(ellas mcdaniel) 1960

I'm a road runner honey,
Beep! beep!
I'm a road runner honey,
And you can't keep up with me,
I'm a road runner honey,
And you can't keep up with me,
Come on, let's race,
Baby baby, you will see,
Here i come,
Beep! beep!

Move over honey,
Let me by,
Move over baby,
Let this man by,
I'm gonna show you baby, look out your head,
Gonna put some dirt in your eye,
Here i go!
Oh yea, how am i doin?
Beep! beep!

Take my hand baby,
I'm gonna prove to you that i'm a road running man,
I wanna show you something,
That i'm the fastest in the land,
Now let me by,
Beep! beep!

Oh yea, you said you's fast,
But it don't look like you gonna last,
Goodbye! i've got to put you down,
I'll see you some day,
Baby, somewhere hangin' around.


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