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Hymns - Broken Pieces


Artist: Hymns
Album: Unknown
Title: Broken Pieces

I Have You Failed In Life's Shadows To Accomplish Your Plan
Is Your Heart Heavy Laden Do You Fear The Lord's Command
Do You Feel That No One Loves You And There's No Use To Try
Just Bring Your Cares To Jesus Your Soul He'll Satisfy.


Pick Up The Broken Pieces And Bring Them To The Lord
Pick Up The Broken Pieces Trust In His Holy Word
He Will Put You Back Together And Make Your Life Complete
Just Place The Broken Pieces At The Saviors Feet.

You May Feel That There's No Hope
Broken Hearts Just Cannot Mend
Tho Your Torn In Many Pieces
Christ Can Make You Whole Again.

Storms Of Doubt Blow All Directions But Don't Be Afraid.
God Can Make All Corrections He Made A Body Out Of Clay.


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