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Hymns - Jesus Gave Me Water


Artist: Hymns
Album: Unknown
Title: Jesus Gave Me Water

Hey, Lord
Don't you know that my

Jesus gave me water
You know Jesus gave me water
Oh Jesus gave me water
And it was not from the well

Well there was a woman from Samaria
She came to the well to get some water
It was there she met a stranger
And he did her story tell
Well Jesus gave her a pitcher
And I reckon she was made richer
From the water that he gave her
And it was not from the well

Repeat Chorus

Well a-that woman left for shouting
And there was no room for doubting
That she had met a Savior
I'm gonna let his praises swell
Every time she stood to doubt him
She's stop and think about him
The man that gave her that living water
And it was not from the well

Oh, Jesus gave me water
Jesus gave me water
Oh Jesus he gave me water
I'm gonna let His praises swell
Jesus gave that woman water
He gave her that living lasting water
Oh, and it was not from the well


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