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Lounge Lo - Ladies


Artist: Lounge Lo
Album: Simpstonian Institute
Title: Ladies

[Intro: Lounge Lo]
Yo, hey doo-doo face, how ya'll feeling?
Hey cutie pie, how ya'll feeling?
It's me here, wave back, I see ya'll, grab the pole

[Lounge Lo]
I know chicks like Val, Salesha
Keisha, Tisha, Lala, Cathy
SB, Sacretia, lover girl, Teresa
Tasha, Tareka, Ray's girl, Nika
Michelle, Nunu, Mousie, Tamisha
Candy, Jaqueta, and one forty Isha
Shameen, Kenyata, Vanessa, Kaneta
And Jah Born sister, the daughter of Henrietta
Veronica, Vanessa, Lakisha, Taresa
And one eighty Keisha, with the brother named Ressa
Katrina, Tashima, Nakima, Trina
Lile with the dreads, plus her sister with the beemer
Tamu, Yasmin, Jasmine, Shina
Tracy and Yana, Jennifer, Tina
Tracy, Tina, Sonya, Medina
China, Kimberly, they home girl Bagina
Lisa, Shareese, Lisa, Denise
Lisa, Maneese, big Zu and Sabrina
Stella, Clamel, Inese, Geselle
Krystal, Suzy, Taney, Amel
Anessa, Stacy, Lemon, Shawny
Antoinette, Adrilla, Taby, Dawny
Shaniqua, Bonita, Asharay, Mawdy
Shareese and Simone, who got the baby by Bobby

[Outro: Lounge Lo]
Yes, yes, yes, yes
I really ain't mean no harm, ladies, I still love ya'll
If I done forget ya'll, don't even worry bout it
Ya'll already know, I'mma see ya'll on the next one
Let bygones be bygones, and by the way, you understand me
Happy birthday, from Lounger Lo, peace
You already know, I'mma good dude
So known of ya'll wont say I ain't wished ya'll happy birthday
Happy birthday, bye ladies, bye, I see ya'll later
Bye, bye, bye...


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