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Hymns - O I Love to Walk with Jesus


Artist: Hymns
Album: Unknown
Title: O I Love to Walk with Jesus

O I love to walk with Jesus
Like the publicans of old,
When He gathered them about Him
And the blessŤd tidings told;
How He came to bring deliverance
To the captives in distress,
Take away our evíry burden,
Giving perfect peace and rest.


I will follow where He leadeth;
I will pasture where He feedeth.
I will follow all the way, Lord.
I will follow Jesus evíry day.

O I love to walk with Jesus
Like the man of long ago
Who had tarried by the wayside
Near the gates of Jericho,
Jesus heard his cry for mercy,
Gave him back his sight that day,
And immediately he followed
Jesus all along the way.


O I love to walk with Jesus
All the way to Calvíryís brow,
Gaze upon that scene of suffering
While my tears of sorrow flow.
There He tells me how He loves meó
Takes my evíry sin away;
So I follow Him so gladly,
Lead me anywhere He may.


O sometime Iíll walk with Jesus
In that land of endless day,
When our journey here is over
And weíve reached our home to stay.
Then Iíll walk with him forever,
Sing His praises oíer and oíer,
And with all the saints in glory
Love, and worship, and adore.



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