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Nature - If I Ain't A Thug


Artist: Nature
Album: Unknown
Title: If I Ain't A Thug

(singer singing)
If i ain't a thug why do i feel this way?
Why does crime stay on my mind?
And if you ain't a thug why do you front so bad?
You're just a bitch ass cat inside

Verse 1:
All my stocking cap niggas, jean suit niggas
My stand still niggas, breeze through niggas
My choppin' crack niggas, d's knew niggas
Somethin' for the superthug see through niggas
Transparent, can't panic
Gemstars in the bandana
Scratch my skin on accident
You thought you heard the rumors then you asked 'em again
But they don't fuck with me, they harass my friends
Close associates, mostly it's the young ones tryin' to eat
Whats funny is they remind me of me
Ironic ain't it? problems came wit' no solutions
No donations, no contributions
No charity, hoes carry me
Out the spot drunk, cussin', but it don't matter b
I got legs with no gravity losin' my keys
On the loose, a young wolf in the street

Chorus -
If i ain't a thug why do i feel this way?
Why does crime stay on my mind?
(all i know is this, i can't go legit)
And if you ain't a thug why do you front so bad?
You're just a bitch ass cat inside
(i can't go legit, all i know is this)

Verse 2:
Niggas bark and don't bite, i bite and don't bark
Be lookin' from the outside in with no heart
Never did shit, scared to death with no courage
Feminine niggas hold grudges
Four brothers, three of 'em blood, one of em lord
Runaways on the run, niggas never get caught
I seen it happen in alot of ways
In the hood young killers get alot of praise
The hotter days bring music and pussy, even chicken and kids
Older folks discuss life and how different it is
Shit has changed since the fifties
Niggas fiend to hang wit' me
Some go to jail and get banged quickly
Two inch wounds duke, must've thought you were bulletproof
Realizin' theirs shit you couldn't do
When you come face to face with the most hated
Drive by's if there's no way in
And drive off wavin'.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
I got an alter ego, approach me slow
Feel i don't know these niggas still they know me though
Either way lead the way to the front line and heat will spray
Do i need employment or need a shave?
Be the wave of the future for thugs on the rise
Patient, waitin' for the day one of ya'll try
Off point like none of the time
I don't sleep much
Fully dressed, pants on my tux be cuffed
You a creampuff in disguise
Sympathize with those that give a fuck
My blows will hit 'em up
I got a hot head and cold heart
So don't start
Wet lighters ain't broke they just don't spark
Thug niggas don't park, they just take the key out and be out
Go in the crib
Countin' they dough, layin' low with they ho and their kids
Unaware of the enemy
So don't pretend to be.....

Chorus 2x


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